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(AUDIO) Logan Mankins Is Hurting The Bucs O-Line

Greg Cosell joined Fan Interference to discuss the debacle that was the Bucs-Ravens game. With the bye week upon us, Greg tried to find anything that the Bucs did well this past weekend. Try as he may, Greg said that when you lose like that, there's really nothing positive that you can find from a game like that.

Up front, the offensive line did a poor job of giving Mike Glennon time to survey the field. Greg made particular note that Logan Mankins has regressed since his time in New England. Cosell went as far as to say that Mankins has been a dtreiment to the offensive line. Cosell added that unless you want to keep extra men in protection, there is really nothing much that Marcus Arroyo can do to help this offense protect the quarterback.

On defense, Greg has said that when Buccaneers fans saw the team sign Michael Johnson, they thought they were getting someone who can rush the passer. Unfortunately, the kind of player that Johnson is not conducive to being a pure pass rusher. Gerald McCoy had been the hot button topic following the Bucs loss, and Greg Cosell said that McCoy is a very good pass rusher that has the ability to be a great pass rusher.

Joe Flacco was so impressive on Sunday which Cosell says that Flacco picked apart the Bucs defense with quick throws that he knew would be open. In Lovie Smith's defense, quick throws like Flacco completed in the game is a byproduct of a coverage breakdown.

Greg Cosell 10/16/14

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