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(AUDIO) Kevin Kennedy: The Rays are Capable of Going All the Way

Kevin Kennedy 8-21

Every Wednesday Kevin Kennedy joins Booger and Rich to take a look around MLB and to break down your Tampa Bay Rays. Today Kennedy spoke to Booger and The Commish Justin Pawlowski about the Rays recent hot streak and the suspension of Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster.

"Ryan Dempster is wrong," Kennedy told Booger and Justin. He said throwing one pitch at him may have been ok but four pitches was far too many. Kennedy also said that Dempster was foolish to do that in a 2-0 game with the Rays nipping at their heels.

Kennedy said that if he was Dempster's manager he would've confronted him about it and would advise him to let the appeals process play out. Kennedy also said that John Ferrell saying he was establishing the inside part of the plate was BS.

Despite saying Dempster was wrong, Kennedy said that A-Rod is a fraud and it's offensive to him to see guys who use steroids breaking records from clean players. Joe Girardi did make the right move by defending him when he was hit according to Kennedy.

The Rays have been on a tear lately and Kennedy said that Rays reliever Alex Torres has guts and was the key to the Scott Kazmir deal years ago. If Jesse Crain can come back healthy, Kennedy said the Rays could have a great bullpen and could be key in the postseason.

"This team is capable of going all the way," Kennedy said.

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