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(AUDIO) Ira Kaufman and Roger Mooney Explain the NFL and MLB HOF Balloting Process

Ira Kaufman Roger Mooney 1-9-14

Ira Kaufman and Roger Mooney who both hold NFL and MLB Hall of Fame votes respectively joined Booger and Rich to talk about the process of voting in a new member.

Kaufman said he prefers how the NFL has everyone in a room and you have to convince the panel that this person should be a member of the Hall of Fame. He said you end up with an excellent class every year.

Mooney said any time you have an open discussion it's healthy but he also said at the Winter Meetings there's a ton of discussion amongst writers about who they will and should vote for.

Mooney said he voted for Fred McGriff because he's the last true home run hitter before the steroid era. He said he hasn't voted for any of the known or alleged steroid users including Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.

Kaufman said when it comes to baseball he would scrutinize who actually gets a ballot and ensure they are going to games and are very involved in baseball. Mooney said he would agree but would leave some retired writers on the list of voters as long as they have done it for a while. Mooney did say you don't hear many arguments about snubs for the NFL Hall of Fame.

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