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(AUDIO) Gerald McCoy Is The Best 3-Technique In Football

We are delighted to have Greg Cosell back with Fan Interference and he sure did not disappoint us today.

First thing we spoke to Greg about was obviously new quarterback Josh McCown. Greg believed that Josh was put in an very QB friendly situation that he took complete advantage of.

One of the big struggles that everyone noticed was the play of the interior line of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Greg was no exception. He believes that addition of Mankins will be a guy that will add a toughness on the line that the team desperately needed. Another addition to the line was free agent Anthony Collins. While he maybe a talented player, Collins may struggle playing all 16 games simply because he has not done it to this point.

On the other side, Cosell was very high on Gerald McCoy, saying that he is the best 3 technique player in the NFL. He went as far as to say that in this defense, he maybe able to out up the kind of numbers that Warren Sapp did back in the hay day of the Tampa 2 defense under Tony Dungy. The success of this defense will depend upon the ability of guys like MCCoy and free agent signing Michael Johnson to create enough pressure to get an opposing defense in 3rd and long.

Looking at this Sunday's game, the Panthers seem to still be a team in transition on offense. Greg does like the addition of Kelvin Benjamin, but says that the rest of the guys that are out wide cannot get the separation that Cam needs to be successful in his offense. Under normal circumstances, Greg would suggest forcing Cam to be patient, but under the circumstances with his injury status, perhaps pressuring him would be best.

Greg Cosell 9/4/14

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