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(AUDIO) Draft Day Tuesday Just Got Interesting

For months now, every Tuesday on Fan Interference, the guys try and lighten things up by holding their own version of a fantasy draft. Each week, a different topic is decided upon, and the each person is given 5 rounds to put together the most complete draft possible. This week, Greg Linnelli of the Greg Linnelli Show was out on a little vacation, so Kyle from Booger and Rich decided to pinch hit for him.

This week's draft was inspired by the return of the hit drama, 24. Justin is a HUGE fan of Jack Bauer, and his ability to be just a complete bad ass. So, this week, Fan Interference decided to all become TV executives and pick their favorite TV shows to air on their network.

Here is the draft results from today:

1. Drake:

Big Bang Theory

Modern Family

Sons of Anarchy

Swamp People

Boardwalk Empire

2. Jim:

Game of Thrones

Walking Dead


Mad Men

Parks and Recreation

3. Justin:


Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

WWE Monday Night Raw

House of Cards


4. Kyle (Filling in for Greg Linneli):


South Park

Duck Dynasty


Colbert Report

TV Network Draft Part 1

TV Network Draft Part 2

TV Network Draft Part 3

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