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Atlanta Police Officer Recovering Months After Drunk Driver Slammed Into His Patrol Car

ATLANTA, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) -- An Atlanta police officer spoke for the first time on October 26, 2021, months after a drunk driver slammed into his patrol car. He shared what he wants people to know about the dangers of the highway.

Officer Duc Vo remembers when he nearly lost his life while helping a stalled driver. "I was praying to God that the car that was driving toward my lane would move." But that didn't happen. His body camera footage from June 5, 2021, shows the moment of the crash. "She just rear ended my car, my car flew toward me, and next thing I know, I was rolling on the ground. I was like, 'Oh my God, what's happening to me.' I'm glad I didn't die," he said.

APD officers arrested and charged the driver, Annette Stewart, with drunk driving. "I could barely move my left leg. My right arm was just standing, wasn't moving at all. My stomach was in pain," Vo said. He still made sure the stalled driver was okay, before authorities rushed him to the hospital. Months later, he's on light duty and still recovering. "I'm still gonna do my job as well. It doesn't matter if I'm injured or get hit by this," he said. "The support has been great. They've all been checking up on me," he added, referring to his family, the community and fellow officers.

Vo shared his message for drunk drivers. "Don't get behind the wheel. Either call Uber or Lyft or get someone else to drive them home, because drunk driving is dangerous," he said.

Georgia does have a Move-Over Law aimed at keeping officers and drivers and safe. The law simply states that if you see any emergency or Department of Transportation vehicles working on the shoulder, you must move over one lane. If you can't move over, you must slow down and be ready to stop. Violators could face a fine of up to $500.

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