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Ask A Tampa Bay Stylist: Three Easy Braided Hairstyles

Below is a guide on how to create three different types of braids on your own. Hairstylist Chris McGowan gave us some tips on how to create a great look, and what occasions each type of braid should be worn to. McGowan has been in the Industry for 10 years and absolutely loves everything about his career. He is currently working at the D'Amico Hair Lounge in Brandon, and he specializes in dimensional and traditional coloring, as well as various cutting techniques. He prides himself on ensuring that every client gets a truly inspiring beauty experience.

Chris McGowan
D'Amico Hair Lounge
1923 W. Brandon Blvd.
Brandon, FL 33511
(813) 661-8919
The Traditional Braid

"The traditional braid is the most common braid and takes about three to five minutes to do," McGowan said. "The traditional braid is three strands and depending on how you wear it depends on the point of the head where you will style it. It's simple and classic and can be styled up into a bun," he adds. "Adding accessories to it such as rhinestones will give it a very sleek and classic look that can be worn to any formal event."

Traditional Braid by Foxy Girl Hairstyles on YouTube

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The Fishtail Braid

"The fishtail braid is a common braid for teen girls and young adult ladies. This type of braid is simple and elegant and known to be worn on a night out on the town or maybe even to the beach," said McGowan. "The benefit of the fishtail braid is that it gives you a beach wave-like style, a look that young adults love doing right now," he said. "I recommend a simple side or straight back fishtail braid, really easy and simple to do for a classic look for a night out, or maybe a more casual look with a sundress."

How to Do a Fishtail Braid | Braid Tutorials by Howcast on YouTube
The 5-Strand-Braid

"Known as the newest braid the '5-Strand-Braid' is a twist on the traditional French braid that was popular years ago, but this style uses five strands," said McGowan. "Each strand is braided to the head, either tight or loose, depending on what you like. This style of braid is being commonly used for proms or other formal events such as weddings," he said."This newest trend of 'updo' styles is including braids and even curls. This 5-Strand-Braid is usually styled on either side of the head, or the front as a headband, but not in the back," he adds. "This style isn't very hard and if you can French braid, then this braid will be easy for you. It's simple for a less stressful way of getting ready for a formal event."

How To: Five (5) Strand Braid by Luxy Hair on YouTube

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