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Ask A Tampa Bay Expert: Tips On Finding Deals Shopping Online

Are a fan of online shopping? Have you found all of the online deals that you are entitled to? Shopping online can have its advantages and disadvantages, depending on how you actually go about it. Whether you are an avid online shopper or just a "once in a while" online shopper, don't just settle for what you are looking for. Get what you are looking for at an affordable deal. Follow these tips from Tampa Bay fashion expert Ivanka Ska and online shopping will never be the same for you.
Ivanka Ska
House of Ska
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
www.ivankaska.comDesigner and stylist Ivanka Ska has brought her love and passion for fashion to the Tampa Bay area for years. The House Of Ska in St. Petersburg, Florida was created for professionals in the fields of hair styling, fashion designing, photography and the arts in general. Ska is also a part of the Gala Corina that helps local artists promote their works. Ivanka Ska has also been seen on local news stations for her work. She is an integral part of Fashion Week in Tampa. Ivanka Ska took some time recently to share a few tips on how to find great deals while shopping online. Looking great in Tampa Bay definitely shouldn't break the bank.
Try Museum Gift ShopsMany museums, not just in the Tampa Bay area but also around the country, will have online gift shops. According to Ivanka Ska, "Museum gift shops are great places to find artisan gifts made by locals. And if you have a membership, there are always great discounts involved." This is a great idea whether you are looking for yourself or maybe a birthday gift for a loved one or maybe even during the holiday season. The holidays will be here before you know it so now is a great time to get a jump on that shopping.
After-Season ShoppingSka says, "Online stores offer up to 70-percent discounts if you shop past the season, so if you shop after the season, you will save a lot of money." This is great especially after Christmas. Sure, the holiday frenzy may be over, but maybe pick up a little something for yourself or someone else or put it away for an upcoming holiday. Saving up to 70 percent will make that holiday shopping hangover a little more enjoyable.
Cyber Coupons"Searching for online coupons is not necessarily just for groceries but for department stores as well," says Ska. Local stores such as Bealls offer cyber coupons that can be used both online as well as in-store. The coupons for this store in particular can sometimes be up to $20 off. Cyber coupons offer special codes that customers can use while checking out that will instantly save you money. Most department stores have a cyber coupon policy and a certain way that they participate in this deal. Check your favorite store to find out more.

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Cash-Back Sites"Cash-back sites are another great way to get the products that you are looking for but at a much more affordable price," says Ivanka. Some employers offers sites such as these to their employees, better known as "Employee Pricing." Not only do customers get exactly what they are looking for while shopping, but if they buy from certain sites, the cash-back website will actually reward its members with money just for buying their favorite things. The actual amount of cash back depends on products and retailers so more money can be earned on higher-priced items. If you aren't sure exactly how to get started, visit the website Money Saving Expert to find out more about this online reward system.
"Free Shipping"This tip is probably one that will save the most money to shoppers who aren't going to buy a lot of products from an individual website. Sometimes shoppers will just visit their local store to purchase an item to help save money on shipping. According to Ivanka Ska, "There are many 'Free Shipping' deals that can be found throughout the year and will helps save money not just at the holidays." Some sites will offer free shipping for customers who buy at least $50, or if you are a frequent shopper of a particular site, sign up for e-mail alerts and you will be the first to know about deals and sometimes even receive special codes to receive free shipping.

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