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Arizona Cardinals Rookie Chase Edmonds Plans To Pay Off Sister's Student Loans

Ryan Mayer

Being drafted into the NFL and signing with a team often leaves players with more money than they've seen up until that point in their lives. In the wake of their signings you often hear stories of draftees taking care of the members of their family who supported them along the way. Arizona Cardinals rookie Chase Edmonds is no different, as the 22-year-old running back is planning to use his signing bonus to pay off his sister's $80,000 worth of student loans.

According to a feature from ESPN, Edmonds hatched the plan to pay off his sister's student loans when he was 10 years old, writing it down as one of his two goals for the future for a school assignment. The other, of course, was making it to the NFL. Having accomplished the first goal when the Cardinals selected him with the 34th pick in the fourth round of this year's draft, the second goal is next to get checked off. He told ESPN that he was shocked by the amount of student loans that his sister had to take out in order to pay for her schooling.

"When you're on full scholarship you don't realize these bills," he told ESPN. "These things add up. When my mom told me Morgan's debt at the time, I said, 'Wow. If I ever can make it to the NFL that's something that I would love to do, just to surprise her and pay that off for her so she can really live free and do whatever she wants with her money.'"

Edmonds has been spending his weekends with his sister, who lives about ten minutes from the Cardinals practice facility. The family is planning to move into one house when Edmonds' mother arrives from Pennsylvania later this week.

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