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Are Chris Brown & Drake Friends?

The power of music is strong. It can incite emotion and encourage excitement, but can it squash beef? Maybe so. An interesting Tweet has us believing in the divine power of music!

Not long ago, a great big beef came between two hip-hop superstars. Chris Brown and Drake found themselves caught in an altercation in a club that spawned a nasty feud. As the story goes, Drake's undying love for Rihanna blinded him in a New York nightclub. Allegedly, Drake began yelling at Chris. Chris and his entourage rushed Drake and his people. Someone from Drake's camp threw a bottle. The fight then became brutal. Chris left with just a cut on his chin, but members of both cliques needed medical attention. That's some serious beef! Since that fateful night, the two have been known enemies.

Now, years after that unsettling brawl, a brand new photo surfaced of the boys standing side by side in the studio! It looks like they may be listening to a freshly recorded Breezy/Drizzy track.

Have they begun to mend their friendship? Are the boys making beautiful music together? What the hell is going on??

Tell us what you think of this possibly squashed beef on Twitter at @CW44_TampaBay and Facebook.

Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay

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