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Anthony Michael Hall To Guest Star Tonight On 'Riverdale'

Riverdale is back tonight with an all-new episode and a shocking mystery that will take viewers back to Riverdale High circa 1992. Every 90's high school needs a meddlesome principal and Riverdale High is lead by Principal Featherhead played by Anthony Michael Hall.

CBS Local's Matt Weiss caught up with Michael Hall ahead of tonight's episode to discuss signing on the show, playing Featherhead and parallels between Riverdale and The Breakfast Club 

MW- Good morning Anthony, how's it going?

AMH- Good morning Matt, doing well!

MW- You're guest starring on a new episode of Riverdale tonight on the CW, which is of course based on the Archie comics. Were you a fan of Archie before signing on for this role?

AMH- You know what, I was! I wasn't a big comic book kid growing up but I did watch the cartoon. It's a much different world here with the show versus the cartoon - no one dying in the cartoon. But it's a cool show, I caught up after I got the show it's a very talented cast and they have a lot of fun. It was a nice thing to be plugged into.

MW- What was it about the show that made you want to get involved early on? Obviously you enjoyed working with the cast but what about before you got on set?

AMH- The team that works with me, they contacted me and they had been working on it and I was really grateful. It was a great opportunity, I had read about the success of the show and it was one of those that really clicked with audiences right away and that's a special thing. It's a big international hit here and around the world. I liked the writing, very fun, so I just rolled with it.

MW- And you are playing Principal Featherhead on the show, what can you tell us about the Mr. Featherhead?

AMH- The character has a sense of humor, he's funny, it's kind of an archetype of a principal from the 90's. I try to play him with a sense of humor. It's a nod to The Breakfast Club, it's kind of loosely inspired by that. The show has all these layers with the murder mystery thing that's unfolding as well but the scenes I had I just got to have fun with it.

It's always fun to play a character with an edge like a bad guy. In this case I'm not playing a bad guy, he's a principal, but he has a definite sense of humor.

MW- Of all people to be involved with a nod to The Breakfast Club...

AMH- It's an honor. I have to acknowledge the late great John Hughes because I wouldn't be talking to you today without him. He was such an incredible writer and director. One of the things that was so cool about him was he was really open to collaboration, letting actors experiment. He had a great way of motivating us and at the same time he set the tone on the set where it was a lot of fun - he was a great guy to work with.

Interestingly enough I had a similar experience on this where the cast and crew had a really great vibe, very supportive. I'm happy with the success of the show really happy for all of them and I'm sure it'll keep running.

MW- Last question before we get out of here, what can people expect from the episode tonight?

AMH- There's a very interesting theme that's unfolding and there's some interesting stuff bubbling up beneath the surface at the school. I don't want to give any spoilers away but it's really a fun episode. I'll be watching tonight with the audience too.

MW- Sounds like we're in for a good one, thanks for the time today Anthony and good luck the rest of the way!

AMH- Same to you Matt, thanks for your time!

Riverdale airs tonight on The CW at 7:00PM ET/PT. Check your local listings for more information.

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