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American Airlines Cancellations Impact Tampa International Airport Flights

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - American Airlines cancellations are creating a ripple effect throughout the U.S. and in the Tampa Bay Area.

Tampa International Airport officials say a total of five American Airlines flights have been cancelled on Monday and 13 flights have been delayed so far.

Sarah Ribers, a traveler at Tampa International Airport, says "It's a sad thing. You missed out on a once in a lifetime event. That won't happen again."

Alix Lewis-Welch and Ribers spent the whole weekend trying to get to their niece's wedding in Jacksonville, Florida.

"The Charlottesville to Jacksonville got cancelled," said Ribers.

They say after their American Airlines flight to Jacksonville was cancelled on Friday, they had to fly to Gainesville, and ended up missing their niece's wedding.

"First time that we are all getting together as a family, of course meeting her fiancé, everybody all getting together for the first time, and it was heart breaking," said Ribers.

On top of that, Ribers says their American Airlines flight back home from Jacksonville was cancelled too, and they had to get a rental car to get to Tampa to fly out of the Tampa International Airport.

"So $1,200 dollars for the rental car, we missed out on a day at the Airbnb."

They say they paid around $1,500 more than planned, and this all comes after American Airlines reported over 1,000 flights being cancelled over the weekend due to staffing and weather issues.

"I know it is a different time, there are labor shortages all over. Everyone is stressed out and overworked, but definitely a lot of extra patience was needed," said Welch.

Ribers and Welch are only two of the thousands of people who have had flight issues.

Matthew Henn says "My flight has been delayed four times just trying to head back to Connecticut for the holidays."

Henn says he hopes the problem gets resolved soon.

"People are getting pretty stressed out, I can tell, already having to cancel flights, rearrange it," said Henn.

CW44 News At 10 did ask Tampa International Airport officials for input on American Airlines issues, and they said they were not able to comment.

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