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Alarming Trend: Moms-To-Be Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests

MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- The cost of having a baby keeps going up, causing stress for many parents-to-be. But, the way some are choosing to make some extra cash is raising eyebrows and it could open them up to civil or criminal liabilities.

Some women are selling positive pregnancy tests online.

CBS4 News searched and immediately found ads for the tests right here in South Florida.

One in Delray Beach offered them for $25 each!

The ad asked "Baby shower gag gift? Want to play a prank on a friend?"

Another ad includes pictures of positive tests and asks, “Do you need a positive pregnancy test for a job, or whatever else?”

It’s the “whatever else” that could land both the buyer and the seller in serious trouble.

Former TV and Circuit Court Judge David Young is issuing a warning for people who post and answer these ads. He said if the buyer uses it for fraud or blackmail, they could face civil or even criminal charges.

“Really? Talking about bringing people into this world as a joke? I find it reprehensible,” said Judge Young.

As for the seller, "If the seller knew that was the purpose, he or she is just as guilty as the person doing the crime," said Judge Young. “Cons are no good and never result in anything positive. A con is a con.”

CBS4’s Rhiannon Ally tried to get answers. She responded to several ads and got one response from someone claiming to be named “Amanda.” The response claimed it was not a scam. Rhiannon tried calling the number provided numerous times, but never received a response.

Judge Young said it’s not likely anyone will face charges, but it’s not worth the possible civil or criminal liabilities to buy or sell your positive pregnancy tests online.

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