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ADORABLE: Super Bowl LV As Explained By A 5-Year-Old Vacationing In Tampa Bay Area

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Fans across Tampa Bay continued celebrations well past the stunning win over the Kansas City Chiefs. CW44 caught up with one little football fan to get her take on Super Bowl LV.

Like most 5-year-old's, Isabela's vacations start with sun, sand and water. However this vacation added a bit of a celebratory tone after the Bay Area erupted with football festivities over the weekend. "We were watching [The] Cowboys," said Isabela by mistake after assuming her family had watched the Cowboys win the Super Bowl. Her family, Cowboys fans, laughed and corrected her for the camera. "We were watching football," she responded.

CW44 News At 10

"We came down for the Super Bowl. Really excited to do that, walk around, see the crowds and then also get in some good family time," said Savannah Quezada, Isabela's mom.

Isabela and her family spent the weekend outdoors in downtown Tampa and on the beaches to stay safe during the pandemic. And this time, in front of the big screen for the big game. "When we were watching football, which there's a football right here in my hands, well, everybody was wearing their football jerseys and, also, me and grandma were matching," said Isabela.

Plus, Isabela says she prefers it that way. "I am sitting on a chair with a football and some nice warm sand," she said. "And I also have my sister, Leyla, right behind me." She even took the opportunity to learn about the sport as the two teams battled it out at Raymond James Stadium Sunday night in front of millions of fans across the country. "So, the football screen has a football and they usually pick it up and then they throw it to another person just like this. And then the other person has to catch it on the football team," she said.

So in case you were looking for pointers, Isabela has you covered with her fresh, semi-skewed knowledge of the sport. "There's two football teams. So, if the red one gets it, and makes it to the blue team, then the blue team gets one point. If the blue team makes it to the red points, then the red points get two points if it already got one," she explained. She also pointed out how to spot a group of football fans so you make no mistake for next year's Super Bowl festivities. "The signs for football jerseys is, they have numbers in them, on the front and on the back."


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