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George Floyd And Some Forms Of Activism His Death Inspired

(CW44 News at 10) - As the nation closes week two since the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers on May 25th, activism is at the front of many minds across the globe; however, not all agree on approach or message, though most agree that violence only hurts the cause.


Activism in the form of online petitions, such as #8cantwait petition suggests immediate action with 8 policies which locales can adopt immediately to curb systemic racism at a local level.


CW44 News at 10 recently reported a St. Petersburg small business owner that has been practicing her activism since 2017 in the form of literacy. She empowers her community through her book store, Cultured Books, which emphasises positive messages from colored authors, 'exposing children to the world; through art, music, and picture books!'.


Another form that has been getting an increasing amount of attention is American conservative and political activist, Candace Owens. On June 4, she posted a YouTube video message to her viewers that has since collected more than 3.4 million views and 66 million views on Facebook.

Confession: I DO NOT support George Floyd and I refuse to see him as a martyr. But I hope his family receives justice.

Posted by Candace Owens on Wednesday, June 3, 2020



From the Washington D.C. street that was painted with "Black Lives Matter" to the many organic peaceful protests in our city that march on - despite the approach of Tropical Storm Cristobal and the threat it brings to the Gulf Coast regions, these voices will not be silenced.

Though some forms of activism seem divided in nature and viewpoint, most seem to agree that violence only hurts the cause.


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