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5 Storage Solution Ideas That Work

It is only natural that a person accumulates an inventory of items in their lifetime. However, what happens when your home becomes too small for storage? Luckily, there are ways to maximize space without shelling out money for a monthly storage unit. Here are five simple storage tips to make your home more breathable and clutter-free.

1) Take inventory of what you need. The first thing you should do when searching for space around your home is to figure out what you really need. Do you own clothes you have never worn or have things just collecting dust? If so, gather up all unused items and donate them to charity. You can even host a small garage sale. Once you have cleared out forgotten pieces, you may discover more space around your home.

2) Install closet organizing systems. The biggest clutter zones in your home are your closets. Typically, people use closets to house the most random things that continually pile up over time. Stores like IKEA and The Container Store have affordable closet systems that will help keep you organized. Use shelving dividers and other storage accessories to tidy up a foyer closet or clothing in a bedroom. Examples include sliding drawers, shoe racks and overhead shelving for those infrequently-used items.

3) Use furniture with dual purposes. Did you know that some home furnishings can also function as added storage? Look around your home for opportunities to swap out old furniture for new storage pieces. Storage ottomans make wonderful coffee tables while housing toys and other miscellaneous items inside hidden compartments. Bed frames with attached drawer space also provide an opportunity to discover that extra room you have been dying to find. For those who enjoy green living, gather up unused crates and stack them (on the floor or wall) for a newly-repurposed storage unit.

4) Find wall space. Chances are, you probably have bare walls in chaotic rooms. Walls provide extra surface area and space to store more things. Mount bookcases and fill them with small bin inserts for storage. Even open shelving allows for new surface space to showcase trinkets and other table décor that clutter drawers. Use these in social areas like living and family rooms to help conceal (and organize) children's accessories when you have guests. Regardless of what you choose, utilizing wall space will help take things off the floor, thus quickly decluttering the surrounding area.

5) Seize hidden storage opportunities. Just because you are using storage accessories doesn't mean you need to see them all the time. Under-bed storage compartments and over-the-door units are great examples of how you can organize your life with accessories that remain out of sight. Space-saving vacuum bags can make storing off-season clothing a dream as they easily fit inside drawers and bins. Regardless of what storage accessories you use, just remember where you place them.

Tanvier Lee is a New York based lifestyle decorator, stylist and freelance writer. Her work can be found at

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