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5 Fun Facts About The Kansas City Royals

The Kansas Royals, who quickly have become "America's team," will be playing in the World Series for the first time in 29 years. The Royals who have gone 8-0 in this year's playoff, look to continue their hot streak and beat the NL representative, the San Francisco Giants. This will be a Wild Card vs. Wild Card World Series as the Royals beat the Oakland A's to advance to the ALDS and the San Francisco Giants defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates to advance to the NLCS.

While many people know about the Giants, they are no rookie when it comes to the World Series having won two in the last four years, little is known about the Kansas City Royals. Here are five fun facts about America's newest favorite team. 

1.  The Royals Almost Lost In The AL Wild Card Game. 

Kansas City was down 7-3 at home going into the 8th inning and wound up winning 9-8 in 12 innings. Talk about an improbably comeback against arguably one of the best pitchers in baseball, Jon Lester.

2. Mike Moustakas Played Eight Games In The Minors This Season.

One of their best defensively players and a player who heated up at the right time, Moustakas found himself playing eight games after being sent down due to poor play earlier this May. Moustakas has sure but made up for it with his four home runs which have helped propel his team into the World Series.

3.  Eric Hosmer Paid Bar Tab After Sweeping ALDS.

The Royals first baseman reportedly spent $3,000 to help pick up a bar tab for fans after Kansas City swept the Angels in the ALDS. What a team player!

4. Royals Payroll is 18th out of 30.

Kansas City had a payroll of $90,994,500 which placed them 18th out of 30. They beat the 27th ranked A's ($74,765,900), the 9th ranked Angels ($127,062,000), the 16th ranked Orioles ($101,334,943) and now face the 6th ranked Giants ($147,738,612).

5. Paul Rudd Invited Fans To His Mom's House For a "Kegger."

After the Royals won the ALCS, Rudd invited fans over to his mom's house because she was out of town and he had a keg. Coolest fan/actor ever? Possibly.

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