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5 Athletes Who Have Had A Worse Hair Day Than You

By: Maria Perez

Do you sometimes look at your hair in the mirror and just say to yourself, "...nope." Well many athletes, while otherwise perfect physical specimens, have felt the same.

Here are eight athletes who have had a worse hair day than you:


8. Pittsburgh Steelers' Troy Polamalu

Mousse can really go a long way troy. His hair looks more fried than when my best friend burnt her bangs off with a straightener in middle school.

(Photo Credit: Geoff Burke/Getty Images)

 7. Chicago Blackhawks' Patrick Kane 

In case you forgot Pat, this isn't the deep south in the 1980's. A permanent mullet with helmet hair is best left in the past.

(Photo Credit: Jonathan Daniels/Getty Images)

6. Then Denver Broncos' Tim Tebow

He could've invested in a cap or maybe even a toupee to avoid looking like the identical twin of Friar Tuck. Lord knows he has enough contract money.... and God on his side.


5. Washington Redskins’ Zach Hocker

In his defense, his options were very limited. After not delivering a rookie skit at training camp this week, Hocker was forced to let his teammates cut his locks. At least he can now trademark Beats by Zach right?

 4. American WTA's Bethanie Mattek- Sands

Beth's hair is giving me flashbacks to the punk concerts I used to frequent in high school, 15 points for nostalgia, zero for fashion.

(Photo Credit: Chris Hyde/ Getty Images)

 3. Los Angeles Dodger Brian Wilson

I'm pretty sure the rubber tie is for the hair on your head not so much your face Brian...

(Photo Credit: Steohen Dunn/ Getty Images)

 2. American WTA Serena and Venus Williams

Remember when they had a head full of beads… yeah they wish you didn’t.

(Photo Credit: Jamie Squire/ Getty Images)

 1. Tampa Bay Rays' Wil Myers

I would just like to know who on set said, "Yeah Wil, you're ready to go on air." Where was the Kardashian glam squad when you need them. 


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