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4th of July Inspired Fashion Tips

With our nations celebration of independence coming up I couldn't help but start thinking of different outfits that I could wear to show my love of America. I have a bunch of pieces of clothing in my wardrobe that could work to make one heck of an awesome patriotic outfit (I even bought myself an American flag bow for the occasion). But now that the actual day is approaching I'm wondering how I'm going to pull together this look and not look like I'm taking a ride on the hot mess express. So I took to the fashion blogs to see how I could make the best patriotic outfit that still works with my personal style. Remember you never have to give up your own personal style to work for a themed outfit, so hopefully these tips will help you get started on finding the best America inspired outfit for you.

1. Shorts: If you're looking to work with a pair of shorts this 4th of July I found a few looks that can't go wrong. The picture below is my personal favorite, a high waist pair of red shorts with a star patterned blue top, topped off the the perfect red lip. This look is a classic spin on 4th of July fashion.

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Another way to wear shorts on 4th of July is with solid colors, which are perfect to wear again and again throughout the summer! Whether you pair white shorts with a blue top or a white top with red shorts (both are pictured below) you can't go wrong with this look. To make your outfit extra patriotic find the color of the flag that you're missing and work it into your accessories.

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2. Skirts: If you want to wear a skirt on the 4th this year there are a few different ways you can style yourself to make yourself look super patriotic. You can go with patterns or solid colors, whatever your American heart desires! If you want to dress up your outfit you can add a white blazer which is a CW44 favorite or you can go casual with a cute red patterned top and a blue skirt. Here are some examples to help you form your look:

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3. Pants: With bright-colored and white jeans trending I couldn't help but find ways to help people who love this look style themselves for the 4th. Red jeans and a striped blue top are great on their own but adding a white blazer makes this look that much better, this look is perfect for a night-time party or even a fireworks show on the beach. If you're celebrating during the daytime or blazers aren't your thing you can ditch the blazer and go more casual.

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If you're in love with the white jeans trend this look is perfect for you! A royal blue top, a red clutch, and some brown wedges make this outfit perfect for celebrating America.

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4. American All The Way: If you love showing your American pride by wearing the flag on your clothing than this is the part of this post that you've been waiting for! There is an endless supply of American pride in stores right now so be sure to grab something if it catches your eye. Below are some of my favorite looks that I found surfing through the internet:

An American flag crop top and jean shorts are perfect if you plan on being outdoors during the day. This picture pairs dark blue toms, a red bow, and an American flag bangle but you can put your own spin on this outfit with your personal style.

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I saw this outfit and I kind of fell in love, I think this outfit is great if you want an outfit that looks like the American flag without actually wearing the flag itself (is that even legal?). A red and white striped crop top and a star covered blue skirt make this outfit perfect for showing your American pride in the cutest way possible!

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This outfit is different but I kind of like it for that reason. It takes a kind of corny looking flag decorated jean shirt and makes it look trendy. Paired with a white top and dark jeans and a go-to side braid, you can definitely make your American pride shine with this outfit!

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This look is a little more country, with the American flag tank top and white shorts, this look is great for a person who wants to show their American pride in a more laid back way.

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There you have it! It's a few weeks before Independence day rolls around, so now that you have a good range of 4th of July fashions you can go out and find something that fits your personal style. Good luck!

Ariel Schiller/ CW44 Tampa Bay

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