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The 4 Reasons We Need A TVD Spin-Off

The Vampire Diaries recently received a featurette in the April 5th issue of Entertainment Weekly. The article explores the first look at the April 25th episode of TVD. In this episode, fans will get a preview of The Originals, the spin-off show about the Original vampire family of Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah set in New Orleans. Even though the fate of The Originals will not be announced until May, we have plenty of reasons to want and need a spin-off.

The Vampire Diaries
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  1.  The Originals is too interesting of a story- When Elijah first appeared in Season 2, his background was quite mysterious and left tons of room for exploration into who he was and where he came from. Once The Vampire Diaries began revealing the back-story to Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah and the rest of the Original vampire clan, they had everyone hooked. It's not that often that vampire entertainment explores the roots of vampires and how they were created way before the New World existed. And although these Originals defy all rules of stereotypical vampires, all the technology and witchery that revolve around them keeps us coming back for more! 1000 years of life is a very long time and that means tons of flashbacks and stories to explore in a new show. With a spin-off completely focused on the Originals, they will get the attention they deserve without the problem of four other stories to keep track of as well.
  2. The Original Family need to redeem themselves – The Originals spent the better part of three seasons fluctuating between good and evil. Elijah began the story by having power over Elena, but Klaus brought the real evil of the whole family that affected absolutely every character in the show, from Elena's doppelganger to Tyler's hybrid. Not to mention, Rebekah's habit of romancing all the men of the show. With all that time spent being evil, they are stuck as the villains of TVD. With a new spin-off, the Originals finally have the chance to be the protagonists and have us fighting for them instead of desperately hoping that someone will stake them! Their new enemies in New Orleans should leave room for Klaus's inevitable redemption (hopefully).
  3. Leaves room for crossover and expansion of TVD characters—The problem (HA!) with The Vampire Diaries is the number of stories to keep track of.  Elena's love triangle with Stefan and Damon, Bonnie's family line, the new cure for vampirism, Caroline vs. Elena, the Originals, Silas and his evil ways, everyone turning into all different types of supernatural beings, etc. etc.  The list of stories goes on and on. Although the appeal is not lost, keeping track of all the stories could bode difficult in the coming seasons as things begin to change more. However, with a spin-off show, the writers have the ability to toss some TVD characters into the spin-off if they need to. Paul Wesley (Stefan) told Entertainment Weekly, "Stefan is really interesting when he separates from the pack and is exploring his own demons."  The new spin-off gives Stefan somewhere to run off to while Elena and Damon continue their relationship. Stefan was always most interesting when he was high on human blood and running amuck with Klaus.
The Vampire Diaries
Photo: Annette Brown/The CW

4.    Can't Get Enough of TVD—Let's be honest, the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries is about to come to an end and we still feel like we haven't got enough of this show. Every week leaves us on a crazy cliffhangers, begging us to watch the next episode immediately. And sometimes, a week is too long to wait! This spin-off could give TVD lovers a little bit of relief between episodes and still get our vampire fix. Personally, I can't wait to see what they do with the Originals and the new romances that bloom from it. Let's cross our fingers for a couple more love triangles.

In the meantime, catch The Vampire Diaries on Thursdays at 8pm on CW44.

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