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2014 World Series Game One Thoughts

With Big Game Shields on the mound, the town that has waited 29 years for the World Series to come back to KC was a buzz, clad in blue as they waited for the first pitch, Royals fans were ready. But never in their worst nightmare could they have imagined what they were about to see. The Royals rolled over the Athletics, Angels, and Orioles without losing a game in the process. The Royals entered the Bizarro World Series and nothing went right for the Royals. By the time Game One was over the Royals ran in to a buzz saw of Giants bats.

Rays fans have seen the best and the worst of James Shields. The Royals would not be in the playoffs with out him. Shields left balls up the in the strike zone and got hammered giving up 7 hits and 5 earned runs in just 3 innings. The biggest shot was the 1st inning homer he gave up to Hunter Pence in the first inning. Shields' was fighting himself beginning in the first frame. When Shields is too amped up and over pitching you see him fly open with his shoulder and he leaves the ball up in the happy zone for hitters. Watching the game last night you saw him swing open with his head finishing to the on deck circle on one pitch and on the next pitch he was back in control and following through to the plate. That was the way it was for him most of the night, one pitch left up the next two spot on, then another left in the zone. The Giants have a team that will jump on mistakes, and that is what Hunter Pence did on the homer to center in the first. By ambushing the Royals and scoring early and often, the Giants negated one the Royals biggest strength in the playoffs, the bullpen. Big lead for San Francisco meant no Herrera, Davis, and Holland for KC.

On the other hand Madison Bumgarner was Awesome!!! What else can you say, Mad Bum was the man. He put on a clinic on how to pitch. He mixed speeds and pitches. He toyed with KC hitters all night. His world series ERA is less than one in three fall classics.

The pressure is clearly on the Royals right now. If they can split the two games at home with a win tonight, they will set the tone for a long series. The Giants have already stole home field advantage from the Royals by taking game one on the road from the Royals. A Giants win tonight sets them up for a short series with a chance to close it out home in the city by the bay.
The Royals have a rocket armed youngster going in-game two, the Giants eat fastballs for dinner, should be a fun match up to watch for game two.

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