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2014 Inspired DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here! Okay, Halloween is getting close, but that doesn't mean there is anytime to spare. It's time to start preparing, but sometimes the creativity part of Halloween is hard. It's so easy to walk into a pop-up costume store and buy another humdrum, über expensive costume that at least 3 other people you know will be wearing.

Not to worry, pop culture and the world of DIY are here to save the day! Our crazy world provides us with the creative fuel we need to light our fire year after year, and this year was no different. 2014 was full of crazy. So much has happened this year and Halloween is the ideal opportunity to showcase the crazy. With so much happening in our weird little world, it was nearly impossible to narrow it down. I somehow managed to put together 7 DIY, 2014 inspired costumes to try this Halloween.

FlappyBird | Remember that addicting little game that TOOK OVER the app world? That annoying, yellow bird is back and ready for Halloween! The key to this costume is the pixelated glasses. Once your ensemble is assembled, fly around town and try not to fall into any open pipes. And remember your duck lips ladies!

flappy bird
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Dress | Glasses | Wings | Lipstick

Pharrell Williams | Pharrell and his Abry's hat appeared on every red carpet imaginable this year. "Lucky" for you, the hat is available for purchase and is relatively inexpensive! And remember, if you chose to be Pharrell this year, please try to be "Happy."

56th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals
(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
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Hat | Jeans | White T |

Track Jacket | Sneakers

Anaconda | Ever since the scandalous video hit the YouTube airwaves, I haven't been the same. I can't get this song out of my head!! With the help of this DIY costume below, I can embody the song while singing it over and over and over again. The key to this costume is the butt pad and prop snake. Wrap the snake around your body and prepare to twerk… a lot.

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Earrings | Shorts | Butt Pad |

Anaconda | Top | Sneakers

Naked and Afraid | The show featuring naked strangers hoping to survive in the wild has taken America by storm! This costume is simple; less is definitely more. The key to this costume is the pixelation. Click the pixelation link below for a printable version that you can tape to your nude dress in those specifically "sensitive" areas.

Naked & Afraid
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Dress | Bag | Wig | Pixelation

Jake from State Farm | "He's Jake… from State Farm." We all know and love this commercial, but this Halloween take your love of Jake to new heights! The keys to this costume are the khakis and the "Hello, my name is" sticker. And feel free to test out your best Boston accent for this one.

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Polo | Khakis | Phone Receiver | My Name Is Sticker

3 Boob Girl/ Tridevil | Ms. Tridevil inspired Tampa residents with a message that they can be whatever they want to be! This Halloween, give the tri-boob thing a try. This costume is a bit tricky, but will be SO worth it. Cut each set of boobs down the middle. With a hot glue gun, glue 3 of the boobs together. Now, cut your black t-shirt into 3 triangles. Glue the triangles to your tri-breast. Finally, add some string to the t-shirt cut outs to mimic Tridevil's bikini top. Tie them like a halter top. Hopefully your mesh top fits over your giant booobs. Assemble the rest of the outfit and enjoy the mindless stares.

3 Boob Girl
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Boobs | T-Shirt | Mesh Top |

Nail Polish | Lipstick

 Teresa Giudice | America mourned after hearing the tragic news of Teresa Giudice's 15-month jail sentencing. Now that the mourning period is over, we make fun of the sad news! This costume requires BIG hair and tacky jewelry. Key note: after adjusting your wig properly, take your eyeliner and apply a small line of baby hairs along the top of your forehead. This small detail will make all the difference.

"Celebrity Apprentice" Live Finale
(Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)
"The Pirates! Band of Misfits" New York Screening
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)
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Prison Outfit | Heels | Bling |

Earrings | Eyeliner | Wig

And with that, your 2014 Halloween is complete! Which 2014 pop culture disaster will you try this year? Are there any another pop culture icons that you plan emulate?

Happy Halloween ö

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Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay

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