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What's Happening with the Seattle Moisture Festival

For 16 years, the Moisture Festival had presented a month-long variety arts festival in March and April at Hale's Palladium and other Seattle venues, without interruption. One week before our 17th season began, we shut down the 2020 festival due to the COVID 19 crisis. We had 49 ticketed events planned for the 2020 festival, with many prepaid tickets sold, all of which had to be cancelled and refunded.

Every year, one fulltime employee and three part-time employees, plus 250 volunteers had put months of their time into organizing producers and technicians, and gathering local, national, and international performers to put on this fanciful event. The performers were fed, housed, and offered transportation while they were in Seattle.

At the end of the season, when all the bills are paid, our artists are paid a small per-person performance honorarium. It is an artist's cooperative in which there are no super stars, just working artists offering up wonderful afternoons and evenings of entertainment to our local community.

The Moisture Festival has a non-profit 501(c)(3) statis, based on our mission. Our pricing allows young families, seniors, and persons from all walks of life to attend. Approximately 12,000 persons attend the Moisture Festival each year. How do we keep them engaged when we miss a year of entertaining them with our live performances? What if we also miss another year – 2021?

We are following our usual course of soliciting donations through personal contacts, grants, Go Fund Me campaigns, Give Big, and our website at

But a "usual course" is not enough to keep us engaged with our fans when there are no live performances for them to enjoy. So …

We've added virtual events, using social media platforms to promote new online performances, produced by festival artists and partners.

  • We have monthly podcasts, featuring interviews with festival artists, plus new video material from our artists. https://moisturefestivalpodcast
  • We produce and stream online shows each month, featuring a combination of archival footage of the festival, plus new material from our artists.

We present every kind of variety artists: acrobats, comedians, Bubble magic, an

acrobatic archer who shoots bow and arrow targets with her bare feet, and many others, donating their time to keep our unique festival top-of-mind.


AND …  STAY TUNED! The Moisture Festival will present 4 days of a Virtual Festival, April, 1, 2, 3, and 4, 2021. We will keep you informed, and we are available to discuss it with you … Give us a call or send us a time and place, and we'll be right with you!!

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