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My Life Needs A Laugh Track

I'm funny. No scratch that, I'm hilarious. The only issue is lately people don't seem to realize it. I think the issue is my sarcasm is often misinterpreted as being serious. The other day I was watching Seinfeld when I realized the solution to my issue: I need a laugh track.

If I had a laugh track, people wouldn't have to be confused about when to laugh at my jokes. I could go back to having people understand that I'm funny without having to actually tell them. Even if one of my quips totally missed the mark, I could still count on an automated track going off to make it seem like what I said warranted a room full of laughs.

Clearly the issue at hand isn't that I'm not as funny as I think I am, it's just that other people are too worried about accidentally offending me by laughing. It might be hard to sync up a high quality laugh track to go around everywhere with me. Maybe I'll invest in one of those little button laugh-noise gadgets instead. It might be weird at first, but at least people would feel comfortable admitting that I'm funny!

Written by, Aubrey Gelpieryn, CW11 Seattle Summer Intern
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