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Mayor Harrell proposes $7.4 billion two-year budget

By Anthony Monzon

Mayor Harrell proposes $7.4 billion two-year budget 01:46

SEATTLE - Mayor Bruce Harrell is unveiling a $7.4 billion budget proposal he says will address the urgent needs of Seattle communities.

It's the city's first two-year spending plan since before the pandemic, coming as Seattle faces a projected $140 million revenue gap.

"We stand at this pivotal moment in our professional history, and in our personal history - at the intersection of change and challenge," Mayor Harrell said Tuesday. "We know the investments we make in this budget can chart Seattle's course for years to come. We are redefining this city together."

The mayor says his proposed budget addresses Seattle's funding shortfall, while taking action on a number of key priorities. At the top of his list is improving public safety, in part by increasing the size of Seattle Fire's 2023 recruitment class by 50%, and financing the city's Comprehensive Police Recruitment and Retention Plan.

"Too often, residents feel unsafe on the streets, so I believe that in One Seattle, every person has an absolute right to safety, no matter where you live, where you go to school, who you are," said Harrell.

The proposal would invest more than $150 million into the city's homelessness response, maintaining thousands of shelter beds, and creating additional options such as tiny homes and safe lots.

"It's inhumane for people to live without sanitation, without heat, without running water." Mayor Harrell continued, "walking the streets of Seattle, the need for compassionate and urgent action is obvious."

Harrell's budget also calls for setting aside an unprecedented nearly quarter billion dollars to support affordable housing development.

"This will create hundreds of units of permanently affordable housing, and advanced affordable home ownership opportunities. It will tackle homelessness and displacement at their root," said Harrell.

The mayor's proposed budget now heads to the Seattle City Council, which will review the plan over the next two months. Additional details on the spending plan can be found by following this link.

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