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It's A Big Weekend For Colin Farrell

(CNN) -- Colin Farrell is back in a big way. He appears in two movies released on Friday, "The Batman" and "After Yang."

Farrell plays Penguin in "The Batman." He's unrecognizable as a gangster who crosses paths with Robert Pattinson's Batman.

In "After Yang," he plays a father tending to his family's broken robot, Yang, who has suddenly stopped working. Farrell spends the movie stopping in various robot repair shops, comforting his daughter, and having a dance off.

As for playing Penguin, Farrell said on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" this week that his kids weren't impressed.

"They're sick of me being a bad guy," he said, adding, "Which apparently, reading between the lines, leads me to believe that they think I'm okay."

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