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Green Day Cancelled Russian Concert

(CNN) -- Since Russian forces invaded Ukraine, many in the world have come together to protest the action.

That includes artists who were scheduled to perform in Russia.

The following is a list of musicians who have canceled their shows:


Green Day

The punk infused rock band had been scheduled to play Moscow's Spartak Stadium in May as part of their Hella Mega Tour.

On Sunday they announced on their verified Instagram account that they were canceling.

"We are aware that this moment is not about stadium rock shows, it's so much bigger than that," their posted statement read. "But we also know that rock and roll is forever and we feel confident there will be a time and a place for us to return in the future. Refunds available at the point of purchase. Stay safe."



Indie pop trio AJR tweeted on Feb. 25 they were canceling a show scheduled in Moscow for October, along with some words of wisdom about misinformation.

"We are sad to announce that we will be cancelling our upcoming show in Russia," the group, made up of brothers dam, Jack, and Ryan Met, tweeted. "Thank you to our Russian fans who oppose their country's unprovoked and criminal behavior. Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine. At this point, the best thing you can do is share ACCURATE info."


Louis Tomlinson

The former One Direction member had shows planned in both Moscow and Kyiv's Stereo Plaza in Ukraine in July as part of his 2022 World Tour.

On Monday he tweeted that the concerts would not be happening.

"Due to the recent events in Ukraine, I have to sadly announce that my tour shows in Moscow and Kyiv are cancelled until further notice," his note posted on Twitter read. "The safety of my fans is my priority and my thoughts go out to the people of Ukraine and all those suffering from this needless war."



Rock band Health also announced Monday that they would not be performing their two scheduled concerts in Russia.

"Though we do not wish to penalize our fans for governmental decisions that are beyond their control, given the current state of affairs we will no longer be performing our previously scheduled shows in St. Petersburg and Moscow," a statement shared to Instagram read. "Our thoughts go our to the people of Ukraine."



The British artist said in a statement Monday that he will not be performing in Russia this summer.

"I'm heartbroken to announce I will be cancelling my Russian shows scheduled for this summer," the statement read. "Heartbroken because I know the vicious and brutal acts of the Russian regime in Ukraine over the past week do not reflect the attitudes and ideals of the beautiful people who I have met in Russia in the past!"

To the Ukranians he wrote "My heart is with you -- you've already shown such strength and determination, resisting this needless invasion."

"Everyone deserves to be the creator of their own destiny, rather than having it forced upon them by acts of war and aggression," he wrote. "Ukraine, I promise I'll come back as soon as I can!"

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