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Bump - 'Driftwood'

UNTETHERED – Dom (Angus Sampson) starts thinking about his life ahead, when an unfortunate disaster brings unexpected benefits and a new sense of hope. Santi's (Carlos Sanson Jr.) feelings of rejection take him back to Vince (Ioane Saula) for a day out of school, which doesn't end well and doesn't help clarify his relationship with Oly (Nathalie Morris). Without Santi, Oly bonds with Bernardita (Claudia Di Giusti) and is drawn in closer to their family, but her presence sets Santi off, igniting a scuffle with a highly-strung Matias (Ricardo Scheihing-Vasquez). The episode was written by Steven Arriagada and directed by Gracie Otto (#107). Original airdate 9/15/2022.

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