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Best Food Trucks In Seattle

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What at first seemed like a counter-intuitive dining option, the food truck craze has grown into a huge business across the country featuring some very upscale cuisine choices. Many are one of a kind with very few "chain" restaurants on wheels. In Seattle, we are fortunate to have some the best.

(206) 971-4150

Wherever Maximus-Minimus decides to go, it is easy to spot. This food truck is shaped like a giant silver pig. Almost every item served comes in either the "MAXImus" or "miniMUS" style. The star product is the pulled pork sandwich which is served either MAXImus style (hot and spicy from a mixture of peppers, onions and fruit juices) or miniMUS style (sweet and tangy with tamarind, honey and molasses). Other options include the grilled chicken sandwich, posole & pork, slaw and max & cheese.

(206) 512-2000

Established in 2007 and created by chef Josh Henderson, Skillet Street Food is considered one of the more modern food truck models for the whole US. Skillet has become so popular that the company opened a diner location in Capitol Hill in 2011 and a counter location at the Armory in the Seattle Center. Skillet's food changes every week but some items are available on a regular basis including the burger (grass-fed beef, arugula, bacon jam and cambozola on a soft roll) and poutine (handcut french fries served with gravy, cheddar cheese and herbs).

Off the Rez
(206) 414-8226

Located in the bright blue food truck is Off the Rez. It is unique in that it features affordable, Native American-inspired dishes – a cuisine not found widely in Seattle. The number one selling product is the Indian tacos which taste nothing like Mexican tacos. The sandwiches are hearty, delicious and filled with great things like 10-hour smoked pork and chicken chili verde.

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Tuscan Stone Pizza
(425) 440-9189

You could call in your order ahead of time, but since it usually only takes two minutes to cook in the 800-degree oven over applewood, why bother? Every pizza is made Tuscan style with fresh ingredients, including smoked pepperoni, Italian sausage and bacon, roasted red peppers, tomato, basil, artichoke hearts, pesto, buffalo chicken and four cheese blend. The authentic Italian crust is made from fresh pizza dough made every day using Italian flour. The pizzas come in two sizes: large ($15.45) and small ($8.20). Other items on the menu include the s'mores and cinnamon apple dessert pizzas.

Crisp Creperie
(206) 395-5139

Crepes are amazingly versatile because they work well as a savory meal and a sweet one. Crisp Creperie tries out different combinations on a regular basis. Sample combos includ: smoked ham, fried egg, mozzarella and housemade whiskey maple syrup; prosciutto di parma, double-crème brie, fresh apples, arugula and apple butter; and caramelized apples, candied walnuts, housemade spicy honey, apple-cinnamon granola, cinnamon and whipped cream. To wash it down, Crisp features homemade milkshakes and smoothies.

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