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Weekend BART track work in Oakland to divert riders onto buses

PIX Now Evening Edition 6-21-24
PIX Now Evening Edition 6-21-24 08:06

OAKLAND -- BART passengers traveling between three Oakland stations this weekend must transfer to buses due to major track work.

BART crews will begin replacing several interlockings between the Rockridge, MacArthur and 19th Street stations Saturday, the agency announced on its website

Interlockings -- crucial components of the BART system -- are segments of the railway which enable trains to safely switch tracks.

The team will also replace traction power cables, install train control equipment and digital display signs at underground stations up to Berkeley and 12th Street/Oakland City Center, the agency said. 

Free buses will transport riders between these three stations and passengers should anticipate delays of up to 40 minutes in the affected areas during closure weekends.


June 22-23, July 20-21, August 17-18, September 21-22, October 19-20 and November 2-3. 

In addition to the track shutdown, there will be no Red Line service on these weekends.

The work is planned to continue through the central part of the district on select, non-consecutive weekends until 2026.

A PDF describing the project is available from BART at this URL

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