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TTYM: Watch A Mom Scale An MMA Fence For Her Son And A Dad Leaves Kid In Runaway Wagon

by @TaraLipinsky

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In this week’s That Thing You Missed watch a dad sacrifice his son’s safety for a baseball, a mom sacrifice her safety to help her son, what happens to Joakim Noah’s dad when he watches his son play hoops and a hockey brawl end in a hug? Yep a hug.

 Hug It Out?

Combat hockey LNAH Joel Theriault VS Gaby Roch (08-03-2014) by forumhockeythetford on YouTube


You know I’m always touting the toughness of hockey players and provide evidence to back up my beliefs like this player who picked his teeth up off the ice after a hit. And I stand by my assertion despite the above video.

When we last visited the semi-pro league “Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey" (LNAH), a guy got slashed in the face with a skate. Ok, ok, that was an accident. But traditionally, LNAH players are notoriously brutal fighters.

So it was no surprise when Joel Theriault and Gaby Roch started giving each other a thorough pummeling the other night. What was a little more cutting edge was the way they acted when the refs broke them up.

Instead of cursing and spitting, they gave each other a hug and a high-five.

A sign of respect or a sign insanity?

(H/T: Sideline Sports)

 Double Trouble

You know what’s irritating to mothers everywhere? Anytime a dad-type performs an even remotely parental task for his child he is lauded as father of the year.

A mother, however, can work three jobs, change diapers, cook, clean and attend every school and sporting event and is still asked why she doesn't put her children first. See the disparity?

You know why else I think moms are better? Because no matter how obsessed we are with sports, we would never let this happen.

Thank G-d he is a Marlins fan.

Story via CBS New York

 Hardcourt Parenting

Yannick Noah cheering for Joakim Noah by beyondthebuzzercom on YouTube

Now, this is an appropriate response by a father at a sporting event.

Check out how excited Yannick Noah got during a sideline interview while his son Joakim dominated the hardcourt.

Noah led the Chicago Bulls to a 95-88 overtime victory with 20 points, 12 rebounds, seven assists and five blocks.

I bet Yannick never left Joakhim alone in a wagon to chase a fly ball.

Story via CBS Chicago

From Face Paint to Pinstripes

Although I personally preferred him in a Mets uniform, Carlos Beltran also gives good dad.

Yep, that’s him on a roller coaster in the Cheetah face paint. 

Story via CBS New York

 Mother Load

Fight with mom jumping in by Caleb Frasher on YouTube

And while hockey rates highest in my list of tough athletes, I will admit a Mixed Martial Arts match takes a mighty tenacious athlete to participate.

Watch this amateur MMA bout in Columbus, Ohio. It ends with one opponent getting “choked out” as these things often do.

Now, here’s what doesn’t normally happen: the mother of the kid who was knocked out scaled a nearly nine foot cage, climbed into the Octogon and fought off a ref to check on her fallen son. A police officer dragged her off.

Notice a theme here? Moms rule the world.

I’m pretty sure if they weren't so righteous your future Olympians, professional football players and baseball hall of famers would never even make it to practice.

Story via MMA Junkie

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