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2nd annual Chow Fun dining promotion wraps up successful weekend in S.F.

Chow Fun celebrates AAPI businesses in S.F.
Chow Fun celebrates AAPI businesses in S.F. 01:07

SAN FRANCISCO -- The second annual "Chow Fun" event in San Francisco came to a close this weekend and organizers say this year's dine-around was a great success.

Over the course of the week, people celebrated AAPI culture and went on a culinary adventure, supporting small businesses along the way. Participants who dined at or shopped at businesses that were signed up for the event would get a passport stamp. Those who collected enough stamps would then be eligible to participate in raffles.

The purpose of the event is to shine a spotlight on local AAPI merchants while also celebrating and building community. 

"Hopefully drive more foot traffic to our local merchants just to help them out while in the process, celebrating community and culture. We hope it's a win-win," said Al Perez, Entertainment Commissioner for San Francisco. "This is really a way for us to celebrate our culture, diversity, the community, our history -- and food is the best way to get to know a culture."

The event first began in the Excelsior District of San Francisco but, this year, organizers expanded it to include the Oceanview, Merced and Ingleside neighborhoods as well. Thirty-nine restaurants and merchants participated this year, up from 23 the first year, according to organizers.

"On Mission Street where Al started Chow Fun last year, it's now over 55 percent of the small businesses there are AAPI," said Michael Lai, board member of Wu-Yee Children's Services. "We're hoping this can help encourage people to go visit their local corridors as well."

Although the event and AAPI Heritage Month are now in the rearview mirror, Perez and Lai encourage people to continue to support locally owned businesses. With year two in the books, they're eager to get moving on next year's Chow Fun event.

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