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Mechanical issues continue to plague Mare Island bridge

PIX Now afternoon edition 6-14-2024
PIX Now afternoon edition 6-14-2024 09:38

Mechanical issues have continued to prevent the Mare Island Causeway Bridge in Vallejo to rise and lower to allow boat traffic, city officials said this week. 

In late May, city officials said the problems from the bridge were not allowing boats to pass by on the Napa River, but their public works team and other experts had identified the issue.

The city cited the bridge's old electrical system that uses obsolete parts to be a major cause of the on-going failure.
Repairs were originally estimated to be completed by May 31.

However, Vallejo said this week that they are now working with Hardesty & Hanover, the original designers of the bridge, to move along the repairs needed. Engineers from the company are expected to be on site Tuesday to again determine the issue and solve the mechanical problems. 

"To ensure a thorough repair, the city's Public Works team along with Hardesty & Hanover will also check for any mechanical and structural issues that might have contributed to the problem," the city said in a statement.

Some parts needed for the repair of the bridge arrived this week, with more expected next week.

The city said an exact date for the completion of repairs and for when the bridge will become fully operational has not been determined. 

"We understand that this situation is inconvenient for boat traffic, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to assess the bridge and await parts," city officials said.

The U.S. Coast Guard has been made aware of the issues.

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