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Woodland Police Arrest Man Suspected Of Peeping Into Homes

WOODLAND (CBS13) — Woodland police have arrested a man caught on camera looking into a woman's window.

Police are investigating and said they've had a second report of a similar incident but don't know if it's the same man.

In Ring video provided to CBS13, you can see a man lingering and staring into a Woodland woman's home. The woman did not want to be identified but said he came back a second time. She said at one point he had his hands in his pants and she's concerned about her safety. This happened on Clover Street on August 18.

Police said they are also investigating a similar incident nearby that happened on August 15 where a man was spotted looking into an apartment window on West Court Street. Investigators say they do not know if it's the same man or what exactly was happening in each incident.

Reports have circulated on social media, making many Woodland residents upset.

"I'm not alone and I'm glad I'm not alone—that's what I think when I see that," Cindy Sidener said. "I fear for my friends that live alone."

Police said some community members have been able to identify the man in the video and weere following him and harassing him. They said vigilantism can hurt an investigation and that this is a difficult case that takes time and perseverance in order to get an arrest warrant.

Meantime, it's a crime many residents wanted to see get taken care of quickly.

"I'm glad I have a big dog with a loud voice," Sidener said. "Where you're supposed to be most safe is your home."

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