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East Sacramento streetlight issues addressed, similar problems arise in nearby neighborhood

City fixes east Sacramento streetlight issues as another neighborhood sees same problem
City fixes east Sacramento streetlight issues as another neighborhood sees same problem 02:17

SACRAMENTO -- After a CBS13 story, an east Sacramento neighborhood got a solution to blocks of streetlights that stayed on, day or night, prompting another Sacramento neighborhood to call us for help.

The first report on Monday shined a light on Elvas Avenue and Taylor Way in east Sacramento. In this area, neighbors complained about streetlights that stayed on 24 hours a day for months.

They expressed concern about wasted energy and the cost to taxpayers to run multiple lights around the clock, weeks at a time.

CBS13 took concerns about the streetlights to the City of Sacramento to find answers and a solution. Within 24 hours, city crews reviewed the streetlights in the neighborhood and replaced the lights' photocell sensor. Gabby Miller, a public works spokesperson, told CBS13 that, although the photocell sensor was working, it appeared aged and crews replaced the existing sensor with a new one as a preventative measure.

CBS13 viewer Dawn Aragon saw the report and contacted us about her neighborhood about five miles from Elvas Avenue. Aragon has the same issue on her block and the streets around her home.

"The lights in our area have been on for months, literally months, they're running all day and all night," Aragon said.

CBS13 took Aragon's concerns to Miller, who said public works was unaware of the issue on Lido Circle, Mediterranean Way, and Caribbean Way, as reported by Aragon, but that they would review the streetlights.

As for the cost, every person CBS13 spoke to between both reports expressed concern about who paid for the streetlights to operate 24 hours a day.

"The City pays for streetlights. It is difficult to determine the costs to operate a single streetlight as many are connected as part of the larger electrical grid. Some lights are metered, and some aren't so I'm unable to provide a single cost or know of any potential increases if a light is malfunctioning," Miller said.

The City of Sacramento manages over 40,000 streetlights, according to Miller, and issues are prioritized by safety concerns. Issues with streetlights are expected to be resolved within 30 days. 

Aragon is hopeful she's shed enough light on the issue for a solution. The streetlights in her Sacramento neighborhood have been on nonstop, she said, since at least April. 

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