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Neighbors react after woman hospitalized in midtown Sacramento assault

Neighbors react to assault in midtown Sacramento
Neighbors react to assault in midtown Sacramento 01:55

SACRAMENTO - Police are continuing to investigate an alleged assault that happened in midtown Sacramento Saturday evening. 

Sacramento police said officers were flagged down near the area of 17th and L Streets and received reports of an unresponsive woman. 

"It comes and goes but yeah it's not the safest area," Billie Drew, local resident, said. 

Drew said she has lived and worked in the area for the past few years. 

She said this isn't the first time she's heard of something like this happening. 

"Unfortunately, violence isn't something that is completely unheard of around here," Drew said. 

Police said after interviewing witnesses, they believe the woman was assaulted prior to being unconscious. 

Mark Spearman lives in midtown and walks around the area every day.

"I think it varies from street to street and you have to be really alert and kind of have spidey senses when you're walking around," Spearman said. 

He said generally, he feels safe, but that can change in a split second. 

"You always want to say it's an isolated incident so you feel safe and that self-defense mechanism that we all Employ but yeah it concerns me," Spearman said. 

Police said the 56-year-old woman was taken to the hospital in critical but stable condition. 

This is something Drew said is scary, as she is in the area often. 

"Especially because I live in the area and this is around the area that I walk every day, yeah it makes me really nervous and it doesn't feel good to hear that somebody has been hurt," Drew said. 

No suspect information has been released at this time but police are continuing to investigate the incident, including whether it was a random or targeted attack.

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