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Hotel Marysville fire negatively impacting nearby businesses, community gathers for support

Businesses near Hotel Marysville struggle to stay open after fire
Businesses near Hotel Marysville struggle to stay open after fire 02:38

MARYSVILLE – The Marysville community is showing support for businesses near the Hotel Marysville that are being negatively impacted by the fire that broke out late Saturday night. 

The fire department was putting out more flames on Thursday. Small fires broke out again inside the already burned historic hotel, highlighting just how unstable the building is.

Nearby business owners are still in the dark as they haven't had any communication from the city yet on how long road closures will last. Now the community is coming together to show support.

"Now it's closed, nobody's passing by. Do you see any cars going?" Mogheli's Furniture owner Michael Faramarzinia asked.

Small business owners along D and E streets are worried about what the future holds after the Hotel Marysville fire created major safety risks in the area.

"When it gets like this and you get no business I mean you can't survive," said the owner of Morris Cycle Supply, Corey Morris.

"They closed all the highways and the road around the business complex area, the main heart of Marysville and it's affecting everybody. We are hurting bad we have not heard anything from the city yet," said the owner of the nearby 7-Eleven Iqbal Gill.

In the meantime, the community has decided to show support to businesses on their own, creating a downtown business tour on Thursday evening to shop around.

"It shows people need us. I mean you need businesses, small businesses to make a community, to keep the community going and you know we're really what drives communities. So come out and support," Morris said.

The business owners say people don't even realize they're open because of the road closures, something that is backing up traffic even more than usual.

"People are doing their best to avoid Marysville right now," Morris said.

"The city should work ASAP and open the area," Gill said.

And don't forget the looming bills.

"My payroll is there I have to keep people in the store. I have to keep the store open," Gill said.

"Insurance for the building, I mean all these things have to be paid," Faramarzinia said.

The city of Marysville could not be reached for comment but they have declared a state of emergency. There will be a special meeting on Friday morning to discuss the next steps. 

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