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Elk Grove Boy's Lost Buzz Lightyear Toy Found On Flight Thousands Of Miles Away, Airline Creates Magical Reunion

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — A two-year-old boy in Elk Grove and his favorite action figure are back together again after an unexpected adventure left them separated by thousands of miles.

Take one look at Hagen Davis together with his favorite toy action figure Buzz Lightyear and you might mistake the two for twins. Hagen carried Buzz while wearing a Buzz Lightyear sweatshirt.

But the pair's relationship has not been all fun and games. The two became separated on a recent family flight to Texas. Mom, Ashley Davis, only noticing Buzz was missing when they got to the rental car.

"And that's when the realization hit me that he's still in the airport with the plane that's probably not there anymore because it was continuing on to Arkansas," Davis said.

Mom offered Hagen a thrilling storyline.

"I was like, 'Well Buzz had to go on a space mission, he's still on the airplane,'" Hagen said.

The employees at Southwest Airlines lept into action.

"It was actually the name written on the bottom of the boot that helped us," Davis said.

Not only did they locate Buzz, but they also turned the misadventure into a magical moment, taking photos of Hagen's favorite toy in front of their airliners and crafting a letter explaining the action figure's great exploration.

"So it says, 'To Commander Hagen, I'm very excited to return to you upon completing my mission,'" Davis said.

Mom and Dad recorded the video of Hagen and his space ranger's reunion.

"Being a mother and having somebody go that far for your child, not even knowing them, was definitely special," Davis said.

A boy and his favorite toy. A space ranger lost, and kindness found.

Southwest Airlines credits that kindness to a pair of employees working at the Little Rock, Arkansas airport ramp. They made sure Buzz Lightyear got back to Elk Grove and back in Hagen's hands.

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