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Days after historic Hotel Marysville burns in fire, nearby historic theater vandalized

Historic theater vandalized in Marysville after hotel burned in fire
Historic theater vandalized in Marysville after hotel burned in fire 02:19

MARYSVILLE -- Just days after a fire burned a historic California landmark, the Hotel Marysville, its neighbor, the historic State Theater, was vandalized in what appeared to be an attempted break-in.

The two historic buildings were built within a year of each other—the hotel in 1926 and the theater in 1927. They mark the heyday of Marysville's downtown and were the hottest tickets in town for a live show or the place to stay.

Saturday, firefighters found a working fire at the hotel on E Street, prompting continued road closures between 4th and 5th Streets for the foreseeable future, according to Caltrans.

The closures on Highway 70 through Marysville are related to the fire, as its unclear the stability of the hotel and the safety of cars driving through.

Across from the now-burned-out landmark sits the State Theater. It's been vacant for more than a decade but was built for live performances, according to owner Don Melvin.

On Tuesday, Melvin was outside the theater boarding up doors after, what he said, was a tough 24-hours. There was an attempted break-in that left damage to a steel door and several others on the nearly 100-year-old building.

Melvin is concerned about his building's safety, especially considering the vandalism came 48 hours after the fire across the street.

"I really don't want to see it burnt like that hotel," said Melvin.

He recognizes that it's up to him to protect history and feels like he's on his own to do it without help from the City of Marysville.

"I'm really worried whoever lit that hotel has the same idea for this," said Melvin.

The cause of the fire at the Hotel Marysville is still under investigation.

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