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Another Large Brawl At Arden Fair Mall Forces Early Closure

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) -- For the second time in three days, police were forced to break up large crowds of teenagers fighting in and outside the Arden Fair Mall.

The fighting started around 6 o'clock Saturday night when police say several hundred teenagers began surging through the mall.

"Yeah it was chaos, everybody was screaming and my manager was like nope, I'm closing these doors right now" said Shylene Barreiro who works at the mall.

Things got more intense when unsubstantiated rumors spread that someone had a gun. "There were multiple teens running around saying they had guns. Then the officer came in and said that they were closing down the mall because there were two different rival gangs over by Macy's just fighting with each other," said another witness who was leaving the mall.

The day after Christmas fights inside spilled outside where police say teens jumped on cars and smashed out windows.

Then word spread on social media that a repeat was planned for tonight, and it happened again.

"I was scared for my safety because I didn't want to get trampled, shot, pushed, nothing," Barrerio said.  The mall closed down early when the fighting started and police assisted getting shoppers out safely as they dispersed the crowds.

Police say a teenage girl was found in possession of a Taser, but no guns were found. Another teen sustained minor injuries in the fighting, but just like the day after Christmas, police did not make any arrests.

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