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You Need To Eat This: Perfectly Gooey Fried Bologna

The fried bologna sandwich is a Pittsburgh classic.

Nearly every Pittsburgh kid eats them growing up, so I ventured out to try one.

Growing up in California, I had my share of bologna. But last week, I finally tried my first fried bologna Pittsburgh-style.

I ended up trying one downtown last week, after I met a nice lady named Dina. Turns out she runs a tiny, but yummy, hotdog cart called Dinalicious Dogs along 5th Avenue and Wood Street. As we chatted, she insisted I try on of her fried bologna sandwiches and inducted me as a true Pittsburgher.

And it was obviously delicious, because who doesn't like fried meats?

The "Dinalicious" version is served on Breadworks bread with some fresh tomato and a light coating of mayonnaise. The best part though is the layering of the meat and cheese. American cheese is sandwiched between stacks of just-fried bologna so that by the time it's served to you, it's perfectly melty and has an almost creamy texture. I wish all sandwiches had cheese so flawlessly gooey.

This is no Primanti's though, so it's perfect if you want a small, simple sandwich or are in a hurry. Although I could have easily taken mine back to work and eaten it at my desk, I decided to just mussel down the whole thing on the street corner like a champ.

If you're looking for a quick bite downtown, Dinalicious Dogs has hotdogs daily. But specials like the fried bologna sandwich rotate daily and aren't always the same.

Dina says in the future she hopes to branch out and serve full-fledged deli sandwiches.

You can find out more about Dinalicious Dogs and what specials she's offering on her Facebook page.

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(Photo Credit: Sarah Kovash)

If you love food too, be sure to follow Sarah on Twitter: @SarahtheKovash

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