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Twins found living in filth in Westmoreland County placed in custody of relatives, parents arrested

Monessen couple admits to locking twins in bedroom
Monessen couple admits to locking twins in bedroom 00:55

MONESSEN, Pa. (KDKA) - New details have been released about a Westmoreland County couple who are now behind bars and facing charges of endangering their twin toddlers. 

Monessen Police said that Felicia Dugan and Jerimiah Roberts's children have since been removed from their home and placed in a relative's care. 

Police arrested Dugan and Roberts after it was found the twins were living in squalor. 

When police went to their home to check on the toddlers, they opened the bedroom door to find feces and old food smeared on the walls and ground, and the room was filled with bugs. 

Police also observed small bite marks on the kids. 

Monessen's Police Chief said it's clear the toddlers had been living in filth for some time. 

"That is unbelievable and to live like that is sad and to have your children living in that is just uncalled for," said Chief David Yuhasz. 

Along with finding the twins living in the filth, police said Dugan and Roberts also admitted to locking the kids in the bedroom. 

They both are facing charges of endangering the welfare of children. 

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