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Residents Of Mobile Home Find Human Remains Underneath Residence

OHIOVILLE, Pa. (KDKA) - A Beaver County woman said human remains have been under her home for years.

She said her boyfriend was working in the crawl space and found human bones. State Police in Beaver County are now investigating.

Tracey Douds did not want her face on camera, but she told KDKA-TV that there were times when she could smell something, though she never imagined it was a person rotting away.

Douds has lived in her Ohioville home for about five years.

"I've felt weird since I've been here and I didn't know why or is it just me," she said.

Around noon Thursday, her boyfriend stumbled upon the remains while fixing the plumbing.

"He came out and he's like, 'Tracey, you're not going to believe this.' I'm like what. He's like, 'I think there is a dead body under there,'" Douds said.

Douds thought he was just trying to be funny. Her boyfriend went back underneath the mobile home to double-check, and their fears were confirmed. They called 911 and soon state police were outside and investigating.

"I'm no Nancy Drew, but I've been freaked out for a long time," Douds said.

State police said they do not have an identity on the person or a manner of death.

"We're a little traumatized, but it will be over soon," Douds said.

She said sleeping in the house with her daughter last night had a creepy feeling.

State police are continuing to investigate. They are not sure how long the body was under the home.

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