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Reconnecting on the water this summer

Reconnecting on the water this summer
Reconnecting on the water this summer 01:56

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The rivers, lakes, and streams around our region are great for fishing in the summer, and some experts say it is a great way for fathers and daughters to connect.

Pennsylvania is replete with great places to fish, and fishing is a great way not only to commune with nature but to communicate and bond with friends and family.

Rachel Piacenza, the Senior Director of Marketing for The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, says this is especially true for fathers and daughters.

"The research we did found out that, specifically, women who actively fish have more grit, more self-esteem, more competence than women that don't," said Piacenza. "So, really introducing girls, especially before the age of 12, to the sport of fishing, can help propel them for their life in a lot of different areas that might not be seen right away, but could be a little bit further down the line."

Piacenza says, however, that their research has also found that young girls tend to stop fishing with their fathers at an 11% higher rate than boys. 

She says that girls start to be disinvited from fishing typically around the age of 12. This is why their organization has launched the Second Catch Campaign to encourage fathers and daughters to keep doing the sport together.

"Typically, if someone starts fishing before the age of 12, they have over an 85% opportunity to fish as an adult," Piacenza said. "So most of the people who are adults got introduced when they were younger. It is pivotal for the fathers to play that role of inviting sons, but most importantly daughters out fishing."

This summer, don't drift apart from those you love; try casting a line together.

For more information on the RBFF's Second Campaign, click here.

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