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Police Called Over 'Crazy Person' Talking To Self, Turns Out To Be KDKA Reporter On Facebook Live

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A KDKA-TV reporter found herself on the opposite side of the law Thursday morning, thanks to social media.

Meghan Schiller was hosting a Facebook Live chat from the side of Route 30 in East Pittsburgh when police were alerted to a "crazy person" talking to herself.

Schiller was hosting the Facebook Live report to follow-up on landslides that have closed several Pittsburgh roads.

Parts of Route 30 began buckling Wednesday near the Westinghouse Bridge and the road is slowly sinking into the hillside.

Schiller was doing a Facebook Live update on the story showing social media viewers where the closure was happening, what the detours were, and the scene.

That's when North Versailles police were called to reports of a "crazy person" talking to themselves along the road.

"You realize I got called for a crazy person talking to herself," the North Versailles police officer said.

At first Schiller thought the officer was kidding.

"The police officer that is sitting there says he was just called about a crazy person talking to herself," Schiller said.

"They did, that's why I'm here," the officer responded.

Once the officer realized it was a KDKA-TV reporter who the person was calling 911 about he left.

"That might be the best thing I've heard definitely all day, maybe all month," Schiller says, "he literally got called because someone called 911 and said there was a crazy person talking to themselves along the road."

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