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Pittsburgh's hot stretch of weather hits its peak on Friday and Saturday

KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (6/21)
KDKA-TV Morning Forecast (6/21) 03:11

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Who's loving the hot weather? I know who will not like the hot weather - your pocketbook once you get your monthly electric bill. 

There won't be much relief from the heat over the next week.  On the 7-day, I only have two days where highs don't reach 85°. That brings us to July when the new month temperature forecast just came out. The forecast says there is a well above-average chance for temperatures to run hot for the month. 



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I have today's high hitting 94 degrees. I also have Saturday's high hitting 94 degrees.  

High temperatures on Friday and Saturday KDKA Weather Center

There's a chance Saturday highs rise enough for it to be the hottest day we have seen in over 10 years here in Pittsburgh. We just have to hit 96° to do that. 

There's certainly a chance to do exactly that. If so it would be the hottest high in Pittsburgh since 2012. High temperatures today will likely be hotter than places like Miami (88°), Dallas (93°), & Los Angeles (80°).

Temperatures with the heat index over the next few days KDKA Weather Center

The only reason temperatures will miss hitting the mid-90s both today and on Saturday would be because of strong storms. The storm chance for both days will be caused by both the heat of the day along with any remnant waves or outflows from storms that fired yesterday. 

Looking at the severe weather outlook on Friday KDKA Weather Center

Any storms that develop will have the potential for heavy rain, lightning, & gusty straight-line winds.

Just an interesting heads up, now that the summer solstice has passed, "daytime" is starting to get shorter again. 

Today's sunrise occurred at 5:51. Yesterday's sunrise was at 5:50. This is a little misleading as we didn't lose a full minute of daytime (just seconds) but it is still a sign of our days now shortening.  

There are still nine more sunrises this month and during that time we time only lose three minutes of daylight.  

7-day forecast: June 21, 2024 KDKA Weather Center

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