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Pittsburgh woman accused of lighting boyfriend on fire during argument

Police: Pittsburgh Woman lights boyfriend on fire
Police: Pittsburgh Woman lights boyfriend on fire 02:25

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A Pittsburgh woman is accused of lighting her boyfriend on fire during an argument, according to court documents. 

Police said they found a man who had been burned after they were called to a home on Madeline Street in Carrick around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday. 

According to the criminal complaint, Cecilia Perez told officers that her boyfriend was cleaning a cut with rubbing alcohol and caught on fire when he was smoking marijuana and lit a blunt. But as first responders were taking the victim to the hospital, police said he told them, "She tried to kill me."

During an interview in the hospital, the victim told police he was at Perez's house and they had been drinking when they started arguing. He said he tried to de-escalate the situation by leaving the room, but when he came back, Perez poured a green liquid on him he believed to be rubbing alcohol, and before he could react, he was on fire. 

Court paperwork said when police questioned Perez, she told them she started arguing with her boyfriend because he got a call from another woman. Police said she admitted to dumping rubbing alcohol on him but still maintained he caught on fire smoking marijuana. 

She told police she believed her boyfriend was cheating and she "wanted him to feel the hurt and pain" he had caused her, according to court paperwork. 

One neighbor told investigators he heard loud crashing and banging during the fight and he heard a woman, who he believed to be Perez, yell loudly "you're going to die." 

Eugene Shealey said he's lived there 16 years and has called police every other day about Perez for the five months she's been his neighbor. He said he often called the landlord and police about her.

"I mean, the landlord told me, mind my own business. The police, they're supposed to protect and serve, they said I'm getting on their nerves," Shealey said. 

"I knew sooner or later somebody was going to get hurt and sure enough this man almost lost his life," he said. 

The victim is in stable condition with first- and second-degree burns to both his arms, torso and back, police said.

Perez is facing multiple charges, including criminal attempt, aggravated assault, arson and terroristic threats.

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