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Picklesburgh creates Olympickle Games with 3 pickle-themed competitions

Picklesburgh announces the "Olympickle" games
Picklesburgh announces the "Olympickle" games 02:11

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The summer games are coming to Pittsburgh -- the pickle summer games, that is. Thousands of elite competitors will descend upon the city for the first-ever Olympickle Games in July. 

On top of its annual pickle juice drinking contest, Picklesburgh is adding two new events this year to create the Olympickle Games. There will also be a pickle eating contest and a bobbing for pickles competition.

For the pickle juice drinking contest, contestants will chug a quart of Pittsburgh Pickle Company's Picklexir. The pickle eating contest is pretty straightforward: who ever eats the most pickles by weight in 5 minutes wins. And for the pickle bobbing competition, participants will have 90 seconds to retrieve the most pickles by weight using only their mouths.

The preliminary heats will be held on Friday and Saturday, ending with the championships on Sunday. The winners of each event will get $500 in prize money, a trophy and the title of Duke of Drinking, Earl of Eating or Baron of Bobbing. 

Picklesburgh is scheduled for Thursday, July 18 to Sunday, July 21, with organizers adding an additional fourth date this year.

The festival has grown since it was launched in 2015. Last year, organizers said over 200,000 people attended, with as many people coming on Saturday as all three days combined in 2022. 

Picklesburgh also expanded its footprint last year, moving from the sister bridges to the Boulevard of the Allies. 

This year, Picklesburgh will feature all the favorites like the signature Heinz balloon pickle and plenty of pickle-themed food and drinks. 

Registration for the Olympickle Games opens on June 20 at noon.

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