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Oakmont Bakery wants to expand parking to fix traffic woes

To help with traffic woes, Oakmont Bakery wants to expand parking
To help with traffic woes, Oakmont Bakery wants to expand parking 01:45

OAKMONT, Pa (KDKA) — Oakmont Bakery is a popular destination for sweet treats and good eats, but what does every popular destination like this need to have? Good parking.

The bakery currently has around 112 parking spots for employees and customers. Its parking lot's two entryways and exits are off Third Street or Hulton Road.

And if the area is busy, which it normally is from people coming and going to the bakery, as well as coming and going to the other businesses and the nearby high school, traffic gets backed up. 

That's why Tony Serrao, the co-owner of Oakmont Bakery, said the bakery wants to expand its parking lot to a recently purchased parcel of land behind its building.

"The goal really would be to (drive) right out onto Archie Street," Serrao said. "It would take some traffic from Allegheny Avenue. It could take you from Cedar Way right onto Archie Street, back into the middle of town. So, there would be a lot of ins and outs. I just feel like it's going to really alleviate a lot of stress for our staff and for our customers."

Serrao said that the new parking lot would bring about 48 additional spots that would largely be for employees. He added that the borough has been great to work with on this issue, and it is largely receptive to the expansion plan.

"It is a great problem that we need more parking," said Serrao. "And I think it is going to be a great addition to the bakery."

Now everything is in the preliminary stage at the moment. But Oakmont Bakery is hopeful that come next fall, there will be a new employee parking lot with easier access to the company and community.

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