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Shapiro working closely with utility companies amid power outages

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro talks power outages, utility companies
Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro talks power outages, utility companies 02:34

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro said he's working closely with utility companies to restore power.

On Wednesday, Shapiro visited the Homewood YMCA on Tuesday, one of the hottest days of the year in Pittsburgh. While the air conditioning was operating just fine at the center, thousands in the region have lost power as a result of ongoing storms. 

"Our PEMA, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Authority, along with other members of my administration have been in contact with your local utility, with local leadership to try and get those without power, especially on a hot day like this," Shapiro said, "to get those numbers down as much as they can."

Some think the utility companies could respond more quickly, be better prepared for storms and improve the power grid for 21st-century climate change. 

"Do you think utility companies are doing everything they can to make sure they're upgrading power and have all the alternative sources to keep power on?" KDKA-TV's  Jon Delano asked. 

"Well, I can tell you I have faith in our utilities," Shapiro said. "I think they're working very hard. We communicate regularly with them."

Shapiro said he's working closely with utility companies in support of an all-of-the-above approach to generating power, including more clean energy sources. 

Shapiro rejects Trump's criticisms of state's voting systems

During a recent interview with KDKA-TV, former President Donald Trump questioned the integrity of Pennsylvania's voting system, especially with mail-in ballots. 

Delano: "What are those concerns?"

Trump: "Well, I absolutely do have concerns. Anytime you have mail-ins and anytime you have the kinds of things that they have in Pennsylvania, it's not concerns, I mean, we just have to stop it."

"The former president said it's time to end mail-in ballots. Are you comfortable that the mail-in voting is going to be as secure as it can possibly be?" Delano asked Shapiro.

"Yes," Shapiro said. "Donald Trump lying about our elections, that doesn't accomplish anything other than erode people's faith and trust in our democracy."

"We will again have a free and fair, safe and secure election, and the will of the people will be respected," he added.

Shapiro said it's important to remember that mail-in voting was approved by a Republican State Legislature and enjoys bipartisan support because it makes it easier for many Pennsylvanians to cast a ballot.

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